Media Accepted

Smart Media
Compact Flash
PC Card
USB Flash Drive

Please bring only the files you want imaged or have a directory of the disk printed out with the desired filenames indicated

For Raster/Bitmapped files - 150-300 ppi at the final output size
For Vector Files including .PDF Please embed all fonts.

For images larger than 10"x14"

TIF RGB format with no additional layers, paths, channels or compression. 4096 x 6144 pixels for 16 x 20 or larger - minimum recommended 2048 x 3072 pixels. Minimum 150 ppi @1:1 of the final size.Resolution may be less at billboard sizes.

For images smaller than 10"x14"
Digital Prints - images less than 10x15"
at 150-300 ppi .Jpg or Tif with no additional paths, layers, channels or compression. 8 bit RGB. Prepare the canvas of the file @300 ppi for image placement or to size work. File Preparation charges will be applied if sizing or placement on a page is needed. It is best to start with appropriately sized scans. Increasing size in Photoshop is not a good practice
Giclée, Banners & Poste


Color Management



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