Direct Digital Photographic Prints

The Lightjet series digital photo laser makes amazingly sharp prints. Files can be created at 1/2 size in inches at 300 ppi, and interpolated by the Lightjet hardware to the printed size as large as 48 x 98. It images on C print material, Duraflex and Metallic. We have found it excellent for images with long dynamic ranges and capable of incredible greens. It has been chosen repeatedly as superior to the Lambda, by Digital Imaging Marketing Association voting members.
For economical smaller prints up through 10 x 15 we make Fuji Crystal Laser Prints. It can speedily scan and print prepared digital files as well as accepting traditional film. It also scans & prints slides on C-print material inexpensively.

  • Crystal Archive Paper
  • Duraflex
Glossy or Matte finish. This Silver halide material has a long, stable display life. Available 48x98 inches

DuraFlex, a flexible frontlit, a Silver halide material. Available 48x98 inches 7 ml.




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