Color Management

   The recommended viewing environment for judging images on a computer, is a significantly dimmed room. Macs have built in calibration in System Preferences/Displays (formerly monitors control panel), it's a freebie that works! Set your color temperature around 5000k. That is recommended for print. Desaturating monitor color 20 percent will also help you see what print will achieve. For example, the color to the right of our website pages is orange. If it appears pink, the color temperature of the screen is closer to than 9300 kelvin than the 5000k calibrated for print.

      To profile for Fuji Crystal Archive, Duratrans & Duraclear
      Convert & preview in srgb.
      For Rag, Canvas, Fabric & Vinyl embed your normal profile*

Color spaces
SRGB is the color space of monitors. Not the largest gamut (a range of color & density values), but understood by the largest assortment of output devices.
Adobe 1998 maintains a large very vibrant gamut. Sometimes, too saturated.
Pro Photo a very large gamut, unlikely to reproduce correctly.

profiles for the HR 500 scanner are available at :
after downloading & installing, open the Untagged scan & Attach the profile in Photoshop.
The good news is, many cameras & scanners now attach a profile to their capture.
That color spaces are not automatically embedded in files is the shame of current software development. Not all programs are as color aware as Photoshop. Photoshop refers to images as being "untagged" as opposed to other programs designation as 'unmanaged'

      'There's a widespread and totally incorrect assumption that color management is an-all-or nothing proposition---unless you have profiles for all your inputs and all your outputs, and you use them religiously, you can't do color management. If that were true color management would be a great deal less useful than it is.'

From - Real World Color Management - Bruce Frasier et al.

To set consistent printable profiles: in photoshop menu (win & mac) : In Photoshop go to edit - choose - color settings - click "more options" button or advanced mode checkbox if available set working spaces to - srgb *(near bottom) under color management policies make sure "convert to working RGB" is selected with these settings you may uncheck the 3 checkboxes after profile mismatches & missing profiles

PS menu

Color sett for more

all feature

to save with profile

imbed profile

Monitor Calibration
go to the Blue Apple in Menu
Preferences / Displays
Set brightness slider to halfway point
select Color button
Press “Calibrate” button
gamma 2.2
Continue to third screen; set temperature to 5500
Name & Finish

Use control panels in start menu or search for displays. You are looking for a place to set the same things; half as bright as the setting from the factory and 5000k color temperature. The settings may be available as on screen hardware controlled buttons.

Or use the on screen controls to accomplish the same settings






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